AGM Nominations & Motions

The Branch AGM was held on 3rd March and the following people were elected and motions passed: –

Post                                                                    Nomination

Branch Chair                                                     John Turnbull

Branch Secretary                                              Simon Edwards

Financial Secretary                                           Chris Charles

Vice Chair                                                           Dave Tee

Assistant Secretary (Hereford)                       Chris Dukes

Assistant Secretary (North Staffs)                  Jacky Morrey

Equal Opps Officer                                            Jacky Morrey

Womens Officer                                                Sarah-Jane Lindon-Evans

BAME Officer                                                     Vacant

Youth Officer                                                     Chris Howard

Retired Members Secretary                           Ray Parker

Safety Co-ordinator (BT)                                 Chris Dukes

Political Officer                                                 Simon Edwards

ULR Co-ordinator                                             Jacky Morrey

Legal and Medical Officer                              Jacky Morrey

Auditors                                                            Des Conneely, Roger Higgins

Committee                                                       Click for list Committee Members 17

Safety Reps                                                      Click for list USR 17

Learning Reps                                                 Click for list ULR 16a

Delegate/Observer to Conference              Click for list  Delegates to Conference

Branch Motions

  1. The Branch amend the constitution to include an Assistant Secretary role that supports the Retired Members Section
  2. The Branch amends the constitution to create a new role of BT Facilities Officer to represent those members in BTFS
  3. That the Branch recognises the changing attendance requirements within global Conferencing and formulates a set of options that benefits members and provides a fairer attendance span for all. These options are to be discussed with those members affected and used as the basis for any negotiations with Conferencing management regarding contractual change.

Conference Motions

  1. To assimilate the bonus element of Openreach Field based TMNE 2’s into their basic pay (precise wording to be resolved)
  2. To negotiate a mechanism for Openreach TMNE 2’s can receive an uplift in their pay when they become (additional) multi-skilled (precise wording to be resolved)
  3. BT Consumer (precise wording to be resolved)