BT Pay Review 2022 – CWU reject final offer and prepare for Industrial Action Ballot!

Further to the briefing you received week commencing 28th March 2022. BT made a further pay offer which the CWU has once again rejected. The proposal of a flat-rate of £1500 fully consolidated rise (Pro-rata for part-timers) is simply not acceptable.

We have listened to your feedback over many weeks and continue to believe this offer is insulting considering the contribution you have made to the business,  many of you putting your lives on the line during the pandemic and significantly contributing to BT’s profits.

It is worth reiterating that in 2021 you had no consolidated pay rise, at a time when inflation was running relatively high and in 2020 you accepted 1.5% due to the unpredictable economic situation during the pandemic. Inflation has risen exponentially and household incomes are being tested to the limit in this cost of living crisis. National Insurance is increasing this month, meaning a cut in your take home pay.

BT are not listening to their workforce and have made the decision to choose profit and shareholder dividend over their greatest asset and those who are generating the profit.

The CWU negotiating team and the National Executive has listened very carefully to our members’ we made a claim that you should get a 10% pay rise; £1500 is not even half this in real terms and a mere fraction of BT’s profits. They can afford more and you deserve more.

We have come to the end of negotiations, BT have imposed this pay rise, without giving you the opportunity to vote on whether you believe this is an acceptable offer. We therefore have no alternative but to make preparations for a statutory industrial action ballot in pursuit of our pay claim.

It is vitally important that all members ensure we have your correct details, in particular your personal email address; mobile phone number and home address. We will need to send your ballot paper by post, it is therefore vital we have the correct home address details in order that you get your vote.

Please continue to tell BT their pay offer is not good enough, that you are worth 10%, by providing your feedback through your Customer Facing Unit’s ‘Workplace’.

This is your pay rise; BT must be left in no doubt about your expectations.

We will provide regular updates as we progress towards the ballot.

Andy Kerr
Deputy General Secretary T&FS