Everything is going up – let’s make sure your wages do too! – Facebook Live 7:00PM, Tuesday 19 April

Inflation has risen again – RPI is 9%. BT are imposing a pay increase without your agreement – which is less than £20 per week, this won’t even cover the rise in your food bill.

National insurance is going up, energy bills are set to almost double this year and transport costs are at a record high.

BT is a rich and profitable corporation and has a duty to ensure their employees can attend work, free from any worry about whether they can afford to pay their bills and feed their families.

You’ve contributed to BT’s profits and earned the right to a decent cost of living pay rise – £1500 doesn’t cut it – it’s your pay, you should have your say!

The CWU is holding a Facebook Live Event to talk to you about what you can do to fight back against BT. All members need to watch this broadcast which will go live on Tuesday 19th April at 7pm on the CWU Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels.

Access the session directly via one of the links below.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/100064643414383/posts/354740893357355/?d=n

YouTube https://youtu.be/0faY-8kHmjQ

Don’t worry if you miss it, the session will be available for you to watch back at any time.

Andy Kerr

Deputy General Secretary T&FS