ISS Payroll

ISS has notified the CWU regarding some payroll issues that have arisen which affect Housekeepers and Security Officers working for ISS on the BT account.

These are as follows:

Tax issues whereby basic rate tax has been applied which is affecting take home pay. ISS has informed the union that tax codes provided by BTFS were applied, but in some instances tax codes have been changed by the HMRC and resulted in basic tax being applied. Therefore, some members are seeing a shortfall in take home pay.

ISS are currently making investigations with HMRC and are advising any colleagues who have found that their tax code has changed to contact HMRC directly on 0300 200 3300 quoting their National Insurance Number and the ISS PAYE Reference – 846/TZ88518 as the HMRC will not discuss a colleague’s personal tax arrangements with the employer.

Please contact your line manager if you need assistance getting in touch with HMRC.

Any members experiencing hardship as a result of this should in the first instance seek assistance from their manager and any escalations should be made to my office.

Housekeepers – Overtime for the month of March 2019 has not been paid for 196 housekeepers due to an ISS error.  To rectify this ISS has agreed to arrange for an advance CHAPS payment at 68% of the gross value to account for tax and NI payments.  Payment will be made on 26 April 2019 but will not show up on payslip until the following pay cycle when any required adjustments for income tax will also be made.

Security – Hours worked from 16 -31 March – pay inaccuracies have been identified for some Security Officers working during this period.  If any members believe their pay is inaccurate they will need to raise this with their line manager in the first instance.  Any escalations should be made by my office.

Any questions should be addressed to Sally Bridge

Sally Bridge – National Officer

BT Pay Rise 2019

Weare pleased to confirm that BT will be implementing the second stage of our 2-year pay review agreement; the full and final payment will commence in your April 2019 salary. Full story 013 2019

also details of Pensionable allowances can be found here LTB 196.2019

OPENREACH – Fibre Network Delivery Pole Tester Roles

Following the publication of LTB 673/2018, the National Team (NT) has received correspondence regarding the company’s actions leading to unagreed regrading and external recruitment of pole testers. 12.12.18 – LTB 694 – OPENREACH – Fibre Network Delivery Pole Tester Roles

The CWU National Team (NT) met Openreach today and was presented with information relating to the creation of additional Pole Tester roles. Branches and members will be aware that this role is crucial for the safety of our members, customers who may have poles on or outside their properties and of course members of the general public.  28.11.18 – LTB 673 – OPENREACH – Fibre Network Delivery Pole Tester Roles


BT consultation on transfer of members to Openreach Ltd.

The CWU and BT have concluded discussions on the TUPE consultation, to transfer all Openreach people into a new company called Openreach Limited. I am pleased that as a result of the consultation all current terms and conditions for our Openreach members remain unchanged, through the transfer, including all current pension arrangements.  Negotiations on BT Group Agreements, including pay reviews will continue to be managed by BT Group and applied in Openreach Ltd.   All existing Openreach specific collective agreements will also remain in place.

The move will still allow for the free movement of people between BT plc and Openreach Ltd, including redeployment rights as defined in NewGrid as well as access to career development and promotion opportunities.

The move of all Openreach people into Openreach Ltd, which will be a legally separate, wholly owned subsidiary within BT Group, will take place on 1 October 2018.