Personal Travel Time (PTT) Major Announcement

The CWU, together with your unwavering support, has been campaigning for some time for the removal of the 60 minute personal travel time commitment which was applied by the company.  We can now confirm that as a result of our campaign, the activity you, your Branches and wider CWU has been involved in that has been achieved and the PTT requirement will be removed from 3 February 2022 for all those currently affected and all new recruits going forward. The timing is to allow the appropriate briefings, etc. to take place and to align to a timesheet week.

The intervention of Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary) greatly assisted the CWU National Team resolving this issue.

This inequality has seen thousands of you required to give the company up to 60 minutes at the beginning and end of each working day.  Now, regardless of when you joined the company, that will be removed and everyone in every business unit will be treated the same, i.e. in line with the Parking at Home policy (where it applies) with an agreed commute time applied equally at each end of the working day, this should be carried out annually.

From a practical perspective it means the following.  The company will lift the specific requirement which stipulated that any individual could be expected to have a personal travel time of up to 60 minutes plus 15 minutes’ log on/off at start and end of day.

Individuals will continue to have a PWA based in line with the Parking at Home policy, and will have an agreed nominated location that assigns a commute time for them on Taskforce.  They will be expected to operate within this PWA commute time on a daily basis.

The critical change is that where individuals are required to travel beyond their commute time, unpaid personal travel time will not kick in and travel outside of the person’s commute time will now be in paid time.    The 15 minutes’ log on/off time at each end of the working day will continue in line with the overarching Working and Parking from Home policy, PNL/EMPC051.   In practice, this will mean that the maximum travel an individual will complete will be the time that has been established as part of their annual Parking at Home review, this time will be the same at either end of working the day.  Any travel outside of this will be paid time.  Members should contact their Branch if approached by their manager to carry out this review other than annually.

The CWU National Team would like to thank you directly for your fantastic support in what has been a long campaign but from the 3 February 2022 ‘their hours’ will become ‘your hours’!  If you have any questions related to the contents of this Briefing, you should contact your Branch in the first instance.